Day 4 – At Sea (Days 6, 12, 14 – same)

Shot taken from our balcony

With Day 3 being extremely long, having the first day at sea is just what the doctor would order, rest and relaxation. It was a lazy day. On this trip, we were blessed with 4 at sea days. Many would argue that four days is too much. For me, I wanted to get to rest up some. So having four days was great.

Each night when you were off to dinner, your stateroom attendant would deliver you next day agenda, so you could map out your day. Planning is a key step in success!

Agenda for those “At Sea” days:

  • Go to the gym for some workouts
  • Attend a seminars (health, wellness, bettering yourself)
  • Attend the port of call briefing to understand what to look for, where to shop and understand the port better
  • Rest and relax
  • Write
  • Meet new people – there are over 2400 people on board, not counting the crew. There are plenty of opportunities to meet people, just have to sometimes make the first step. A warm “hello” or “enjoying the cruise so far” can go a long ways.

I have to say, I did accomplish most of what I set out to do. With the included items as watching World Cup 2010 with some crazy’s from Europe. The first game of the World Cup for the USA was against England – which was exciting. I got to see how much each country gets behind their “football”. Since the ship was majority British and American – that first match between the countries was pretty cool to soak in. I am not shy about meeting people, so I did have some interesting conversations. The only drawback for me was I can only communicate in English. So, this hampered some effective communications. I struggled with some of the accents – some of which the folks are supposed to speak English already (not to upset the British folks, it was a bit difficult for me at first). I really enjoyed my at sea days.

Added 7/29: Met some great people.

  • Our dinner table was just great – J, Michael, Karen and Marc (Thanks!)
  • Derek, the wacky inventor, and Pam – the discussions were fun!
  • Cigar bar – staff (Rey the bartender and Duncan the guitarist)
  • The crew of the Jewel of the Seas – the smiles are priceless.
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