Day 2: London (Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath)

My intention for writing these and posting real time – just did not happen (some technical difficulties and time). So I will be publishing my travels now. I am going to post by day… All pictures or videos in my post will be those that were taken out and about by my wife or myself.

A mission that I wanted to get accomplished on this trip was to get a day trip or two completed. Keeping with the flexibility theme and the lessons learned from the day earlier – we decided to sign up for a tour instead of doing this day on our own. Simply put, my skills in getting around with public transportation is just okay. Getting around with those 3 locations would definitely would have stretched my abilities. Know your limitations and make sure that you set yourself up for success!

Overall, the day went pretty well. The timetable for this trip is pretty tight! During the travel time, about an hour between each location, the guide gave us the history, what to look for and some basic tips to see the sites. Basically, they are not allowed to guide you once inside the venues. Since this was my first time with any of the sights, I have to say that they were pretty good. Windsor Castle is impressive. It’s size and overall appearance you can not get from just looking from the highway.  We were very lucky to get through the tour and watch some of the changing of the guards. Stonehenge was next on the agenda. I was impressed with the wonder and mystery of Stonehenge. Walking around the outside of definitely kept me wondering why and how all of this was done. Now that I have seen it, I doubt I would go back, too many people. Our last stop was Bath, which was one of the spots that my wife and I were before, but due to limited time and bad weather we missed really getting to see anything. This time we had limited time, but the weather was awesome. We did get to see the Roman Baths and do some window shopping. Since we had been to Pompeii, trying to compare is not fair. The hot natural bath and set up was in those times a very impressive engineering feat.

Lessons learned:

  • Apply learning’s can be key.
  • High expectations may not always be met. I definitely had too high of expectations for the day trip. Overall good, but not outstanding.

 What I would do differently:

  • Don’t set high expectations, just soak in the experience. High expectations are solid, but when traveling and experiencing new things – go with the flow.
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