Day 1 Travel and London


Landing a little after 7am local time and not sleeping on the flight, definitely had me feeling the effects. Made it through customs, picked up the bags and got our tickets on the train to London – with no hassles. Everything going smooth. As like in every instance of feeling everything is going well, we encountered the first hurdle, Victoria Station! I studied the maps, routes to the hotel and figured we would do the tube. With the luggage that we had with us (traveling for about 2 weeks) made that choice a bad one. Would have been much better to take a taxi from the station to the hotel.

My plan was off to a rocky start and did not get better from there. I thought we would be able to get early check-in and a shower to held out and enjoy exploring and reacquainting us to London (had been over 4 years since last there). We were too tired from the lack of sleep on the flights and the hotel did not have a room ready yet. An hour later the room was ready and we crashed! I guess my age caught up to me. Once the power nap and shower were completed it was time to held out to see London, which was just as cool as I remembered. Getting around on the tube is almost as much fun as using the subway in New York. We enjoyed the late evening exploring and the evening London Eye.

Lessons learned from Day 1:

  • Sleeping on the flights is a must.
  • Traveling on the Tube with lots of luggage – not good. One bag is ok.
  • Flexibility is key to success.

What I wished I had done differently:

  • Had jumped on the day tour double decker bus to get reacquainted with London. My memory is usually good, but over 4 years I just can not remember that wonderful Italian restaurant and pub we spent time at in our last trip.
  • Used a taxi from Victoria Station.


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  • Glad you made it London and got to see the sights! I know the “no sleeping” feeling. Grab some melantonin. I made the mistake of not doing this over to Italy… Enjoy the rest of your touring!