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The time has officially started, traveling to places I have never been. I am looking forward to the next couple of weeks, as my wife and I head out. I am not sure how this is all going to go, as I have all good intentions of attempting to write to my blog every couple of days – with the places and the sites. For me, that is part of the fun – have a basic idea and see where it goes.

When traveling, the experts always tell you to do as much upfront planning as possible. I believe that I have done just that. I had my trip lists of what to do, what to see and such – put together. This time around, I was the vacation planner and set up everything (definitely new to me). Three months ago, the basics of the trip was set, just need the details ironed out. Two months before – all set! Month before – finished most of the reading up on the locations and stuff that was of interest to my wife and I.

Week before – time to really get going. Here is where I found that it is really time to put pen to paper. List for everything. Packing list, daily to do lists for home, trip and everything else. Writing everything down and checking off the stuff that is done – is very helpful. Yesterday was packing day… Some folks would say, do it weeks in advance, not me – I had the basics written down. Of course, you have to make sure that you do not go over the weight restriction per bag. I think I maybe a pound or two over on each… Only the airport scales will tell the truth. Let’s hope all is well…

Anticaption is a wonderful thing, sometimes. That night before the trip sleep is a bit tough. I have found over the years that I usually go to bed late, wake up early and just have a very restless sleep. Excitement in the air. Soon we will be leaving the house, driving to the airport and finding out that the pack job was a success. Then begins the long day of air travel! Excitement to get going! So, excited that I am up hours before the alarm, writing this post.. I am not looking forward that long air trip Phoenix, Az to London. Nothing like leaving at 10am in the morning on Wednesday to land in London about 10am the next day. Kindle is loaded with reading material, iPod has new music and all other electronic devices have a fun charge.

List of devices going on this trip – Kindle, iPod Shuffle, Kodak Sport Video Camera, Asus Netbook with Intel Atom micro processor (insert shameless plug) and Flip Video Camera.

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