Sabbatical Has Begun

It is now time for the 9+weeks off to begin!

I have been a manager too long, because I can not just sit back. I have to have goals to accomplish for this time off. So, here are the list of goals that I have set for myself.

  • Couple of vacations! Everyone needs a break. During this break, I want to go to places I have never been. A previous post – I mentioned it. These trips will give me an opportunity to write more, try out some new gadgets and do some reading.
  • Network more. I will be missing Enterprise 2.0 this year. Always look forward to Boston in June. Really miss getting together with the folks. Will have to fill that void with other things.
  • Home front list. Have to attack that list. Closet, carpet and backyard. Only 3 things,but if I get 2 done – I will be happy.
  • End of July is back to school. This year, I will be able to help out more.
  • Spending time with family!

There is much to do, but I have time. At least it seems that way now.