Beat Down

How often do you just walk around the corporate office and observe folks? Spend time in the lunch room or cafe and observe? Attend a big face to face meeting and observe? Since I enjoy being a people watcher, I try to do spend time observing in most environments. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been noticing a trend that has me concerned. I have seen many folks that look to be beaten down, wore out and/or tired. In most places, it is the spring time. Time for renewal and refresh after a long winter. Here in Arizona, we will be getting ready for 100 degree weather soon. Why so down.

The observations show is lack of smiles from folks casting shadows in the cubicle hallways, quick tempers, increased out of office messages and the biggest one – heads down, shoulders down and moving like a snail. I believe it is that time of the year where you are about midway thru and the pressure cooker is turned up. Another observation, reorganizations have finally settled down (we usually get the yearly reorg zone) and folks are feeling the heat from changing expectations or extreme goal pressures. Another person told me that they are having a hard time coming to work, due to the job that they have. It is not for them, the support is minimal and no one cares.

Whatever the reasons are – things have to change. I have personally stepped up to make sure that I have more “fun” time. Smile and say hi to follow employee’s that are walling the halls. Crack a quick joke now and then. Make fun of myself and some of the really stupid things that I have a tendency to do. Work can be fun. All it takes is one to get the party started and others will follow.

If you see a fellow co-worker struggling and/or feeling beaten down – take the time to improve the situation. Listen, smile, offer to help if you can. Don’t just look down on the carpet and miss an opportunity to make someones day. For me, it is easier right now… I get to take off of work for 9 to 10 weeks.. The fact reminders – work can be fun for everyone.