A Shout Out to Laurie

I would like to take some of my blog space and time to send a big thank-you to Laurie Buczek for her work as Program Manager for the internal social computing program. She is moving on. She is taking her ball and moving to our external social computing program. Being one of the folks that have worked with Laurie from the beginning of her tenure in IT – I will miss her. She has brought a passion for her job that could not be met by anyone else.

Everything that we have internally, is due in late part of her efforts and leadership. Having been so close, I completely understand how hard this effort has been. She has had to move mountains. The hurdles that this program has had to jump through have been big. Laurie has done this, with a smile and a can do attitude. I just hope that the next person can keep the torch going.

Laurie – here is my big thank-you to you personally for a job that has been difficult, but you have really done well. The direction is set. Thanks. I am also taking this opportunity to wish you well in the future.

  • Wow Steve! I cannot thank you enough for the post, acknowledgement of my efforts and the thank-you. What an honor! There is a long list of folks, including yourself, who deserve just as much credit for leading the charge. Change agent work is tough and sometimes a thankless job. It means a lot to me to know that I made a difference- that WE made a difference. I will still be with the internal efforts in spirit. Thanks for being a partner in “goodness” with me. I will miss working with you.

  • Here here! I’m dazed and confused, don’t know what we’re gonna do. 😉

    Seriously, Laurie has done IAA level work here, taking the program from the basement to the top floor. It’s too bad that folks haven’t really recognized it, but we’ve changed Intel for the better–forever, I hope!

    I also hope Laurie’s replacement has at least a fraction of her enthusiasm, creativity, and forcible vision, and I wish her all the best in the new job! In the meantime, I’ll be doing my best to help continue to bring that vision to reality, honoring the hard work that Laurie put in to bring it where it is today.

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  • JB Holston

    Congrats, Laurie! Both on the move and on the pioneering work. All the best!

  • Sudha

    Steve, I couldnt agree more — Laurie leaves behind a void – but more importantly her indelible stamp on the program. She surely will be missed!