28 – Wow

Today, someone reminded me that I am under 10 days till I celebrate 28 years working for Intel. This made me stop to ponder what was then and now… I thought I would write about a few items of then and now (with some personal thoughts along the way). 

  • In 1982 Intel stock was close to $8 per share – now we are over $23 per share. Of course we have had many splits and adjustments over the years (13 or so splits). that would make those first shares adjusted to 0.32 (and 1 would be 96 now).  The question in people’s mind is, did you save them? Sorry not that smart – needed cash!
  • My badge photo has changed a bunch – I used to have more hair, no grey, one fewer chin and a few pounds less. Is it too late for me to use that old badge photo?
  • I started working in Chandler. Today, I still walk into the same building. Along the way – I have been in all CH buildings and a couple up in Oregon. Back in the old days – we walked into the building with a nice hello from the guard. We moved to turnstiles for awhile. Now it is badge readers! Technology is a wonderful thing.
  • CEO was Andy Grove, followed by Craig Barrett and now, Paul Otellini.  Definitely the culture has changed over the years. In those old days – you could hear “constructive confrontation” going on in the hallways, on the phone and in a CR. Anybody remember Howling Harry? Today, we hear the more politically correct version – with less offense.
  • In ’82, the competition was Motorola, Texas Instruments, IBM. Today, we are being pushed by AMD. The one solid in those 28 years – has been Intel!
  • In ’82, I had paper, pencil and phone to do my work. Today, I have a laptop, smartphone, video camera, IM, audio bridge, sharepoint, desk phone and probably a few more items that I just can not remember. I do know one thing, in 1982, when I left the building – I usually left the work at my desk. Not so, today – I can work anywhere and at anytime. Put your own spin on that one…
  • 1982 – personally, I was married and did not have any children yet. Today I have a two wonderful adult children that make a father very proud. My daughter has blessed me with my first grandchildren. This granddaughter has her Papa wrapped around her little fingers.

All in all, this has been a wonderful 28 years. I have plenty of fond memories, met wonderful people, enjoyed the good times, worked through the bad times and hopefully have helped others along the way. I would love to say, I can not wait for the next 28 years, but that would be a lie. I will be too old and slow. For now, I will continue to enjoy myself.