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The NHL playoffs come to Phoenix; White Out 2010. A long time coming, the last time the Coyotes were in the playoffs was 2002. I have been able to attend in 1996, 2002 and now 2010. As a hockey fan, going to the playoffs is just a step in a journey towards the Stanley Cup. I may not be able to attend every game, but I do plan on attending each round – that is for sure.

The Coyotes have a tradition of when they make the playoffs that fans should come dressed in white. I was so excited to attend that I went out and got some extra white clothes and hats to insure I was in the spirit. We left early to try and enjoy the crowd, only to get slowed by rush hour traffic. Once we got there, the crowd was mostly decked out in white! We had the usual Red Wing fans show up, but the Coyote crowd definitely outnumbered them! Standing in the arena just before the puck was dropped and scanning the sea of white is an awesome sight. I wonder what goes through the players minds when they see that from ice level. For me it demonstrated that true hockey fans in Phoenix can support their team.

As far as the game goes. It was a very well played game by both teams. Having the Coyotes winning game one was icing on the cake. Having the Coyote fans drowning out the Red Wing fans every time they started to cheer, priceless. Having the power play get then three goals, awesome. I just they were saving up the power play goals all season till the playoffs. In the third period, the attendance came out – a sellout! Lastly, having the announcement that the Glendale City Council voted to redo the lease – only means that the Coyotes are staying. The moons were aligned last night.

This season has been a good one. The team has come together to really delivered. Next step is winning this series.. Taking the step farther than any Phoenix Coyotes team has done. I want to attend a game in the second round of the playoffs.. Then the Western Conference Championship series… Attending a Stanley Cup finals came is on my all time to do list.. Could this be the year? I have coached for many years.. It is all one game at a time. Get better each and every game. Play hard and leave nothing when the game is over.

Keep playing strong!

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  • Totally agree on the NHL playoff atmosphere and specifically the “white out”. Even though it was a carryover from the days in Winnipeg, it took the town by storm and has come to be a tradition.

    I too was at one of those early playoff series, was an amazing game, about as loud as anything I’ve been to. It was in America West Arena and we were way up in the nosebleeds, but no matter, it was a great time.

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