Stanley Cup Playoff’s Set –

March madness is over and I am glad. Why? Well, my bracket got busted up. My first and second choices for winning did not even make it to the Final 4. Was nice to see some of the underdog’s go to the top. The other reason I am glad that is over – it is now time for Lord Stanley’s cup to be awarded. If you like Olympic hockey, just think we get to watch that intensity for about 8 weeks. It is my favorite time of the year.. This year is going to be even more special – the Phoenix Coyotes made the playoffs!

The playoffs have been set, the pairings are getting ready to play. Below is a picture of the pairings for the first round. Pick away…

I would like to see what people think..

 Who do you have going all the way? NCAA bracket is cool that you see the complete picture to the finals.. But, with the NHL we get reseeding after each round! This makes getting to the winner all the more harder. Give it a try. What are your predictions? 

My predictions..

  • East – Caps, Devils, Buffalo, Pens – Staying with the favorites. Next round East – Pens will upset the Caps. Buffalo will beat the Devils (go complete upset). Out of the East for Champs – Pens.. They will go back to the Stanley Cup.
  • West – West – Sharks, Blackhawks, Vancouver and Red Wings. Next Round – Wings will upset San Jose. Vancouver will be Blackhawks – Goaltending the only difference. Coming out of the West – Vancouver.
  • Disclaimer – I will be cheering loudly for the Coyotes! I do hope that they make my predictions of the West null and void.
  • Lord Stanley’s Cup will be hoisted by the Vancouver Canucks. Nothing like going out on a limb.