Spin-o-rama Gets a Birthday

Spin-o-rama turned one this past week!

In 2009, I took some goals that were both professional and personal. I have been blogging internally now for about 3 years and have really enjoyed the experience. One goal was to kick off my external blogging and everything that goes with it. After looking back this past week, I have to say – you met your goal. Some simple accomplishments…

  • I set my goal for posts at 100: surpassed it by 5.
  • Learned something new: again learning WordPress was the goal, but having an externally hosted blog is much more to learn. I got a quick crash course… Been learning everyday since.
  • Changed the theme of Spin-o-rama 3 times. I can’t sit still – so, keeping the same theme is not going to happen.
  • Met some very interesting people because of my blog. Many of them have helped me tremendously.

My goals for Spin-o-rama’s second year – is to increase my overall postings both in quantity and quality! Looking for 175! Learn how to fix the broken RSS – not sure what is happening (others have tried to help with no success). Change the theme only once this year (need to find that “one” that really hits a home run for me).

Hope you have enjoyed the past year…