March4Schools Rally

For those that read my last post – thanks! There is another opportunity to demonstrate our support for education. On March 4th! Catchy name for the rally – March4Schools…

This time the sponsor is the Chandler Education Association. The location is Tumbleweed Park, in Chandler (located on Germann between Arizona Ave and McQueen). From 4-6pm.

What can be done? Come learn about the state budget, issues and some follow-up actions. If you have not registered to vote, well – you can do it there. Nothing like voting for the individuals that truly represent your wishes or not voting for those don’t.  There will be guest speakers to share their thoughts and ideas. Get informed, get educated and make the legislature and governor know we are not happy with being 49th in the US when it comes to spending on education. It is time of actions, not words.

I saw a flyer that said – “Free T-shirts” to the first 100 Attendees. 

Hope to see you there! If not, follow my tweets from the event.