Funny Little Observations

I have a bunch of notes that I have done nothing with. Reviewing them, I found that they were random observations I wrote down for a reason. For the life of me, I just don’t know why. So, I am calling them my funny observations

  • Apple Tablet announcement trumps the US State of the Union address by the President. Approval ratings?
  • Overheard (OH): Why is everyone keeping me in the dark on this stuff? Answer: You don’t have a need to know. Funny thing about this – is the person in the dark is in charge.
  • Why is it a baby can run around nude and everyone laughs, but when it is older folks – people are in feel of having those images burned in the eyeballs?
  • Impatience at the airport check-in. OH: Why is this line not moving faster? I have a plane to catch. How come they don’t open up more lanes? I am going to be late… Person in front of him, turns around and says – how long did you know you were flying at a certain time? Next time, plan to leave the house a little earlier – like the night before. Stop complaining already! – Dude gets a nice round of applause from the rest of us…
  • Why do the folks at Starbucks – have to have deep discussions with folks in the morning? I need some coffee before I can get into solving world hunger.
  • People in Arizona can’t drive in the rain. We have a stupid motorist law for people that drive in flooded streets.
  • We had plenty of rain this past week.. Flooding in some areas. Why do people leave their sprinklers systems on? Your yard is flooded and the sprinklers are on. We do live in a desert…
  • OH: Are airplane seats getting smaller? He said it with a straight face.. He was a fairly large man.
  • The smart-phone debate continues… iPhone, Blackberry, Droid – okay it is personal preference – enough already. House, car, big screen TV and now, smart-phone envy…
  • Social computing is for kids. There is no need or purpose for it. Followed by, I don’t understand it anyways. I got that from the first couple of items that came out of you mouth.

Now that I have found a home for those random notes…. Not a bad home. Do you have any that you would like to share?