Long Overdue Update!

Over the summer, I wrote some stuff on the Phoenix Coyotes.. I have spent the better part of the season – watching, listening and paying attention to the happen’s with the Coyotes.

I wrote some stuff that I thought could help!

  • I mentioned that they needed to market better… I am very happy to say, that they have been better. Had some very low ticket prices, the all you can eat stuff and the television broadcasts have been pretty good.
  • Putting a winner on the ice would help… They really have done that! Right now, they are fun to watch. Winning and having a winning attitude goes a long way. The Phoenix fans, really are bandwagon fans.
  • Wayne Gretskey needed to reduce his role with the team… The league took care of that, once they took over ownership. Wayne was a great player and an outstanding ambassador of the game. As a coach, not so much. Dave Tippett has really done an outstanding job with the team. The players are playing hard, each and every night.

Anyone can armchair anything. It happens every Monday or late Sunday night during football season. I love the game of hockey! I have been active in it for well over 30 years. Did my words of wisdom really hit home? Probably not, but what I said back on May 28, 2009 – seems to have rang true. Maybe someday – I can be a general manager for a team? Well, probably not – I truly like being a fan.

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