Critical Feedback And What To Do With It!

It is that time of year, where we all sit down and summarize our year in review. Assess your accomplishments over the year, gather some 360 degree feedback from the folks that are not shy to tell you what you did well or not so well and make plans for next year. I got some feedback this year – that was not surprising, but when you see or hear it – you just go – “ouch.” Being positive all the time is very difficult for me. This year, I got some feedback that told me I was being a bit defensive with some of our partners. Like most feedback, I take this to heart. So, what am I going to do about it?

  • Be more purpose centered – in every situation I feel that maybe I stay towards my comfort zone. Trying to remember the overall purpose and focus on the best results for that purpose should be my intention. If it moves me from my comfort zone, so be it. Probably needed to move anyways.
  • Exercise more self control – stop the knee jerk reactions to what you maybe hearing. When I am coaching hockey players it is easy for them to get caught up in the moment – and I always remind them to take a step back, breathe and then pick the right course of action. Maybe I have forgotten that at work! Need to dust that one off and use it a bit more.
  • Focus more on others – this one is someone different than you may think. I do focus on others – in fact, I defend my team to the bitter end. Of course, if we are making a mistake – then I will take that in private to the folks. I really need to set the stage on the others to be everyone. Just need to widen that a bit.
  • Being more open – I was going to write this one as I really am very transparent in words and actions. Maybe too transparent. I need to be more open but without the knee jerk reaction. Staying focused on open and thinking – rather than outwardly expressing opinions and feelings. I will never hide what I truly believe, but maybe after 10 seconds – I will project what I should project.

I am not saying that I am going to swing to the other side – that is not my intention in focusing on the above. In fact, I think I do most of them pretty good, depending on the situation and audience. We all have times, where you have certain folks that you just can not see eye to eye on anything. We have situations that change at a whim and those old expectations are no longer valid. How you react to those situations – will dictate how you work with those folks and how they work with you. You have to be willing to do your part well past the halfway point.