Tis the Festive Season

merry-christmas-with-treeWe are in the middle of December – Tis the season. I don’t like to turn my blog into a rant, but I feel I have to this time. Christmas and all of its glory has been advertised in the stores since right after Halloween. Well, what about the other holidays that folks celebrate? Do others feel short changed?

This is supposed to be a time of being thankful and celebrating as a family. It is a little tough to do, when you happen to celebrate something other than Christmas. Ever try to locate anything for Hanukkah? I know, you can run out the Jewish stores that specialist. Ever try to locate anything for Hanukkah at Wal-Mart, maybe just some wrapping paper?Hanukkah

Over the years, this has been harder and harder to do. Is it the economy? Do the stores not want to purchase the materials in fear that they may get stuck with them? How about the thousands of Christmas Santa’s, paper and cards that they will be stuck with after Christmas? I know, this leads to the after Christmas 50% sales on those items, followed by the 70% sale after the new year sale. Spread some of that to others…

Note to retailers: Times are tough, but when you exclude some of your potential buyers; well, times get tougher. kflogotActing in a Santa fashion – I have written down the retailers that have demonstrated to me, their lack of understanding or caring for others (those that do not celebrate Christmas). That will be the list of who gets none of my limited dollars this next year. Will that hurt them? Probably not. Maybe next year, they will gain some knowledge, show some compassion and take care of all customers.