Being Thankful

I have not been blogging externally for very long, so, maybe this post is a bit out of place, but who cares.. We are coming to that time of the year, where all of the holidays hit – from the US centric and the religious ones. This time of year, makes life interesting – to say the least. I am finding myself, reflecting more than probably anytime in my life. Why, I wonder? Not really sure. Is it the thing to do during these holidays? Maybe I have always reflected, but just never realized as much.

Thanksgiving is the one holiday that my wife makes a big deal out of. She has always made it that way, ever since we got our first house – some 25 years ago. The family is always welcome with a standing invitation to enjoy time together. Over the years, our family size has changed. Mostly additions! The simple number to remember is that our house gets around the 15 to 20 range of individuals. The more the merrier, as the saying goes. Getting family together is great, we get to discuss many changes in the past year. Make you stop and think.

Reflecting back over this past year – I was thinking what am I thankful for…. So, here as just some of my thoughts:

  • For my family – my wife especially – since she continues to put up with me. My two adult children – who continue to make a father proud.
  • For our latest addition to the family – grand daughter, Melia. She puts a smile on my face, every time I am around her.
  • For continued employment – these times are tough for lots of folks. I work hard and enjoy much of what I do. Spending the past 2+ months doing something different, was a refreshing change.
  • For my health – without health, life could be miserable!
  • For my friends – they keep pushing me… Just have to read the one below to understand.
  • For branching out. Blogging, getting involved in social computing and stretching myself in areas I would not have normally done.


What are you thankful for?