Crazy Stuff – Heard or Said

Today was Veteran’s Day – and the first thing that I do is think about my dad. He served in Korea! I was in the military, but never had a shot fired at me in anger. When thinking about my father – there is one thing that always come to mind quickly. It was his way with phrases or how he would answer some of my questions. Looking back, I always get a little smile. He is no longer on this earth and in some small way – those dad-ism’s are a piece that just does not leave. In fact, I would bet that I have used them on my kids.

I follow the guy on twitter that tweets out the stuff his dads says. A simple break in the day. Some of them – I have heard (seems to be a generational item) and some not. Each time – I think of those crazy ism’s. We all have had or still have a parent (or two) that if you sit and think there is one (or more) that quickly come to your mind. You know those that are completely off the wall, make you think or better yet – have you wondering how can that be done.

I thought I would share some of those that come to my mind:

  • “Life is rough and then you die”
  • “Wipe that smile off your face”
  • “I’ll knock you into next week”
  • “You can do anything you set your mind to” – I wanted to be a professional ballplayer – that was all I wanted to do – didn’t happen.
  • “If you are doing a job – do it the best. If you scrub toilets – then make them shine so you can eat off of them.” Visuals not needed and definitely will not eat off of any toilet – even those that I have cleaned.
  • “I pay the bills and they are my rules, if you don’t like it – you pay the bills.” I got to use that one when he came and visited me in my house. No smoking indoors! The facial expression was priceless. 
  • “Look, your mom is the one that kisses it to make it better. Honey, he hurt his butt, kiss it and make it better.” I will not give the mom reply – as you can bet what that response was.

Spend about two minutes thinking back to one and share with us. BTW it could be one that you have used with your kids – just say it was from mom or dad.