Ah ha Moments

Melia1The pass couple of weekends, I have been very lucky to spend some precious moments with my10 month old grand daughter. Last weekend, we were at the Phoenix zoo for Zoo Walk for Autism. This weekend, it was pumpkin time at one of the local farms, Schnapf Farms. Each one of these days were filled with all new experiences for her. She filled my day with laughs and many moments of ah ha. She made me stop, think and not take stuff for granted. This has been not only great for me personally but professionally as well.

Last week at work, I was working with many organizations that are looking for was to communication and collaboration better. I have done the standard listening to their  needs and then providing a demo of our internal social computing solutions. what has changed for me, is I am listening and looking for those ah ha moments to happen. When I get them, I really drive towards that. When people have those ah ha moments, then they are ready and willing to try something new.

I have my grand daughter to thank for providing me renewed sense of enjoying looking for ah ha moments and helping people get better usage of our internal social tools.