Internal Social Computing Adoption Stories

I have been spending a lot of my time, talking and evangelizing our internal social computing capabilities. I bet that the cube mates around me, could easily repeat my discussions. I feel like a broken record at times. The funny thing is – I am not getting tired of the discussions and opportunities. The fact that people want to spend time getting to know more – is exciting in and of itself.  I am able to quickly gauge the overall level of interest and how successful these discussions are going to go. I have had some really good one and some that you just know are not going to turn into anything.

The level of engagement from some of our internal business units and some leaders in the organization has been very positive of late. So much so, that I am having to go over this stuff with many members of their organizations. Has our internal social computing turned the corner? I don’t think so completely. I do feel like we are moving closer to turning the corner. Why you may ask? Simple – I have not had to seek out anyone over the past two weeks. Everyone is coming to me (and others on my team). Positive steps in the right direction. Are we still having plenty of Nay-Sayers? Yes – but I have more than enough that want to – to keep me busy.

Yesterday, I attended a virtual conference for one of the support groups that normally are not very open to trying new things. Since travel restrictions are still in effect – they needed to step out of their usual thinking and do something different (and still have the conference be interactive). So, they posed the problem – I offered a number of potential solutions (all within the social computing capabilities that we have internally). They jumped on them. The first part of their conference was to inform everyone how to use the capabilities and what is already started. After listening to the first 3 hours of content and the use of the social tools – I am impressed that they have many folks that are jumping into the pool. I just have to see how it all plays out the rest of the week. Good start!

I had two additional calls yesterday afternoon that were more of information gathering on their part. Midway through each of them – they were problem solving with the stuff that I communicated to them. Going places and areas I have yet to see. Are they understanding and ready to go? I feel that they are. Within minutes of closing the discussion they were already requesting what they needed to get started. I asked if it was okay for me to participate – more of an observer, but if I could help – I will. They were all for it.

At the end of the day, there is only one of me… A couple of others as well (but they have day jobs).. There is way too much to do and hungry folks to feed. Spending cycles with the Nay-Sayers and doubters – just is not worth it. I am for getting the strong examples of success and showcasing them; rather than fighting a battle of the I just don’t get it or who cares – social computing is for fun (I have work to do).

Anyone else having a similar moment going on with their implementations and adoption of social computing in the enterprise?