50 is a Number

I thought that maybe my 50th birthday was going to be an awful experience. Maybe even a mid-life crisis. Go out and purchase that sports car, motorcycle or something like that. Sorry to say that just did not happen. I guess the only thing that I did not want was to make too much out of that day. Which maybe that is the oh no moment. Trying to hide it! I treated that day like any other birthday! I wanted no party (wife wanted to celebrate). Just some quiet time with my family. Good dinner, some cake, some laughs on me and maybe singing. I got all of that!

A few folks asked, “how does it feel to be 50?” Well, other than my eye sight taking a step to the blurry side – all seems pretty good. I did spend much of the summer getting myself into better health. Dropped 35 pounds. Exercise regularly. Spend as much time as I can with my family! But, 50 is just a number. I guess maybe when 51 comes around – I will have that mid life crisis or have to purchase something really strange. Why? Maybe because then I will be 50 something.

For now – I feel good; enjoy working, writing and exercising. Spending as much time as possible wife and my adult children (as they will let me). Every moment with my grand daughter is special. 50 is just a number.