Vacations – Time to Relax and Reflect

Welcome to Capilano Suspension BridgeJust back from a wonderful time off. My wife and I decided that getting away to someplace different was in order. We decided that we were going to do a little land and a little sea trip. Started off with a couple of days in Vancouver, British Colombia and then catching a cruise liner from Vancouver to San Diego (a repositioning cruise).  We did this with some family friends! I have spent time in many Canadian cities but not Vancouver (Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Quebec City, Winnipeg to name a few). I could see myself spending more time there, for sure. Beautiful, friendly people, pet friendly and just a nice change from the Arizona desert!

Standing on the bridge

While in Vancouver there is one place that is a must, Capilano Suspension Bridge. If you are afraid of heights – this may not be for you. The overall park was a welcome change from the usual site seeing attractions. We spent the afternoon enjoying our walk around the park, the suspension bridge and tree top walkways. Just a couple of pictures from the park –

Butchart Gardens

The next 4 days were on our cruise! We had one port of call, Victoria, BC. An island not too far from Vancouver. We again did one of the tourist sites, Butchart Gardens. For me, going to anything to do with gardens, flowers or fountains – I really am not interested. I have to say, this place was definitely worth the trip. Beautiful and well taken care of!  Just one picture (of many I took) –

Like most vacations, I like to set some goals for my time. This one was not different. My goals were:

  • Not to be connected (I left the laptop and Blackberry at home). Tough at first, but I definitely did not miss it by the second day.
  • Read a book (one that was not business in away – just an enjoyable read). Only got through half the book, but I did enjoy it!
  • Reflect on my blog, my job and some critical items I want to accomplish in the coming month. I have a solid list of activities – that I have to implement over the coming weeks. But, I am extremely happy with the output. Getting away from it all – helps to clear the mind!
  • Try not to gain back too much weight. Food is the cruise lines best friend. I wanted to stay under 4 pounds gained. Was successful – only 3 pounds up (and that is all gone already).


I was very pleased with the trip! Spending time with my best friend is always enjoyable. We got to see stuff together that neither of us have seen before. The family friends that came with us – it was our first time traveling together – we had a wonderful time together. Good food, good friends – how could you go wrong?