What Communications?

commsIn this day and age, there are many ways to communicate to others. Thinking back we have land line telephone (some still do), mobile phones and Skype for voice and some video. We have digital everything – choices like email, social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn (some of them have email), instant messaging, texting and Twitter. Now add the meeting spaces – face to face, conferences and some of the new video capabilities. I know I did not get every single one of them, but I think the picture is clear, we have plenty.

So why is it that with some many capabilities to communicate – their still are lost messages?   How about:

  • We have too many and the important ones get lost in all that noise.
  • Writing skills are no longer important. Clear and concise messages – a thing of the past.
  • No idea which one to use – pick the wrong one and who knows what is going to happen.
  • Attention span issues.
  • No communications even sent. The sender thought they did it, but just did not.
  • Receiver just does not get it (the message, look at the message, know what to do with it – pick it).
  • Meeting people face to face has a set of dynamics – which do not help with communication. You would think it easier.

How do we improve?

How can we make it better?

  • GregL

    On the clear concise message front I think Twitter has pushed people to say their piece quick. 140 char isn’t much. Good post.

  • Kristen Walczewski

    I like the post of communication 🙂 I agree that communication can get lost in the mixture of different channels that exist. I think often times it depends on whether you built the relationship with the person to whom you are communicating. If the relationship is not there, or not strong, the receiving end doesn’t always respond that quickly (if they respond at all).

    I use different communication channels based on different intents. If its a less important matter, an email, twitter, or facebook message might be appropriate. If I need an answer right away, or its an urgent matter; phone or in person is typically the way to go. I’ve seen people misuse the different channels, and actually be surprised when their message wasn’t received b/c it was not effectively communicated via the right channels. I guess for some its just not that clear.

  • Just got back from vacation. Almost a week in Canada and enjoying cruising down the coast on a repositioning cruise.

    Got to see plenty of examples of communication breakdowns (language translation and cultural differences mainly). Challenging – yes, fun – hell yes. Always look forward to improving my communications skills with many different situations. Working on non-verbal skills with the many different cultures I encountered as well. All good experiences.

    I decided not to be connected this trip. I missed being connected. Only having verbal communications for the week was good. I did miss all those other channels. We all got used to the many channels we have. At least I do..