When Is It Time?

Once again, the sports world was treated to the on again, off again Brett Favre retirement party. Of course, the experts can debate this decision back and forth for the rest of the season. One thing for sure, we will all get to hear it!

The basic question really is when is it time? For sports figures, most of them say it is when the body is unwilling to do what the mind tells it 0r the performance is not what it should be. Many players don’t get a choice on the performance side – many teams make that choice for them. But, for the player that decides – it is his/her decision. After 20 years of coaching I had to hang up the skates. Why? I got a hip replaced, and the body just can not do it. Extremely decision was made for me. Leading up to that I was in lots of pain, body was telling me I should stop, but I kept going. Why? Love of what I was doing. Teaching and working with young men (and the occasional women) that were participating in the sport that is the best.

Fast forward to the workplace. When is it time? That could be time to retire (if you are old or wealthy enough) or leave your current employment. I don’t know if the sports analogy applies anymore – the body could have something to do with it, but really it is the desire has gone. When you just don’t want to be doing what you are doing any longer. I am not in that situation – at this present time. I enjoy managing and leading people. It is a passion and something that I feel I am good at. 

I guess I just wonder if that is what Brett is feeling and trying to hold onto. When is the right time? Just part of that journey called life.