Leadership Styles – Which One is Your Favorite?

There are probably thousands of different styles out there. When I look at them all I can easily sum them up into 3 styles.

  • Limited supervision – where the workers have much more control and decision making responsibility.
  • Command and Control – much like the military – high level of supervision.
  • Mix – this is where maybe you could call out the thousands of choices, but it is simple somewhere on that line with limited to high level of supervision

Looking at each one and how the team operations is definitely an interesting observation. What makes people motivated and what personality type best works for each is quite different. It would have to be.

Limited supervision – when I look at those situations, it truly is a self directed, self motivated individual or team. Creativity is a central theme. Sometimes it could seem like a team running wild. People who thrive in this situation are usually the folks that are independent, high achievers and thrive on change. 

High supervision or Command and Control – being in the military, I see this team as very peer and authority motivated. The team is a great source of motivation. I hate to say that the individual or team is very threat or fear motivated, but it is that case. Especially from my experiences in the military. But, I have seen teams in the civilian world that are this way as well. The team is motivated by being with other, following policy and reacting to words from the top. I am not a fan, but the folks that I see that do work well in this environment are those that are resist to change, follow the status quo and are dependent on others to direct.

Mixed or Blended – is a very wide spectrum, simple is dependent on the supervision and how they adapt to the team or the team to supervisor. The motivation here is normally very goal oriented, results oriented with recognition and reward of the outcomes. From many this is the sweet spot! Looking for opportunities, social status and accomplishing the personal goals each has set for themselves.

From my experience, I have been lucky enough to have been in associated with every style. Either by my doing or not. Most people like to help themselves to fit in that particular style that best suits them. If you are not happy with the situation today – most folks work to change the situation. Everyone is looking for that sweet spot! When I was in the military, I was an officer and had to command and control – my teams. If I did not, I was not successful and neither would my team. My style today is different than last year, it is all based on the each individual and the complete team. I have learned to adapt my style for the best results (at least I hope that is the case).

Any style just stand out to be your favorite or least favorite?