Performance Management – The Series


This week, I am planning on discussing the overall topic of performance management. Some folks feel this is a subject that is extremely important, but gets little attention. For me, this is where a great manager separates from just a good manager.

 Wikipedia’s definition of Performance management is the process of assessing progress toward achieving predetermined goals. It involves building on that process, adding the relevant communication and action on the progress achieved against these predetermined goals helping organizations achieve their strategic goals.

 This week’s series will over three parts of performance management:

  • Performance Planning – the basics of setting expectations.
  • Performance Coaching – the on-going day to day monitoring, discussing and coaching (feedback).
  • Performance Appraisal – formal documentation of the past years performance and a high level setting of expectations for the next year.


Please stayed tune for the coming posts! Provide your comments please…

Anything you want to see additional – let me know.

  • Hey Steve. I am interested in your thoughts regarding responding to failure errgh missed opportunities for the PC crowd. Probably within Performance Coaching.

  • @Jeff – you are right, it will be coming in the coaching section! I may have to make the coaching section a two-part section as there is lots to discuss. Let me know if I did not answer your question.