Afternoon Observations


One of my enjoyments in life is just watching people. The other day, I was sitting outside at a local coffee shop and watching the young adults (teenagers) sitting at the table next to me. I used the cover of the newspaper to help me just listen and watch them in action.

 When they first came out of the coffee shop to sit out in the nice afternoon sun, my initial impressions were:

  • They just got out of the local high school down the road, and were looking to just sit back and relax with their blended ice drinks. Too much whip cream, caramel – all the stuff that is not fit for me.
  • I figured that my time in silence was going to be broken with laughter, pushing, swearing and maybe the occasional cigarette smoke.


There was no way that I was going to walk away and miss out on an opportunity to watch our youth in action. I getting older and I really need to make sure that I can trust the next couple of generations. I sat and observed and what I got was completely different than my initial expectations. They:

  • Sat down and pretty much discussed any and all topics. Nothing was off limits. I overheard them discussing the upcoming weekend plans, who was dating who, what they thought about the President’s first 100 days in office, what were they going to do – when they come out of school into the workforce and made a little fun of the car in the parking lot.
  • They did a lot of texting – the ring tones were almost as loud as the birds in the trees. Seemed that everyone of them had a blackberry or some form of smart phone device.
  • No smoke at all!


I have to say it was a very welcome sight. Maybe I was lucky to get the responsible young adults, but it was very refreshing.

By the way, the car they were making fun of was mine. I happened to drive the Smart Car that day. I soon as I saw them getting ready to leave – I quickly got up, walked to my car and drove off.