Hockey Playoffs Set – Your Prediction?

The second season is just about ready to start! Now, the right fun begins!

Eastern Conference First Round:

  • Boston v. Montreal: Tough call, loyalty v. what is the right pick. So, I am going with the Bruins. If the Havs win I will be happier. Boston is too tough.
  • Washington v. New York Rangers: Time for an upset pick – I’m going with the Rangers!
  • New Jersey v. Carolina: Have to give the nod to the Devils.
  • Pittsburgh v. Philly: Toss up, but I am going with the Penguins.

Western Conference First Round:

  • San Jose v. Anaheim: Sharks have looked good all season, very dangerous match up. I am going with the Sharks.
  • Detriot v. Columbus: Hockey town in a sweep.
  • Vancouver v. St. Louis: Looking at this one as a good series, but the Canucks should win.
  • Chicago v. Calgary: Another 4/5 series that is a toss up. I like the Chicago feel good story. Have to go with the Blackhawks in a 7 gamer.

Round 2 and semi-finals – Eastern Conference

  • Boston v. NY Rangers – got to go with NY Rangers. My heart winning out!
  • NJ Devils v. Pittsburgh – Devils should win this one. Defense is too tough.
  • Devils v. Rangers – Winner of the Eastern Conference will be the NJ Devils.

Round 2 and semi-finals – Western Conference

  • San Jose v. Chicago – staying with the favorite – Sharks!
  • Detriot v. Vancouver – again staying with the favorite – Red Wings.
  • Sharks v. Red Wings – now this is the match up that most want to see. The number 1 and 2 teams going at it. I have to give the Sharks a slight edge.


  • New Jersey v. San Jose – definitely an interesting match up. I predict the Devils winning in 6 games.

Your thoughts?

  • So – Looking back at my finals picks.. I suck. Both lost in the first round. Boy, am I glad I kept my money in my pocket!