Last Post!

I have spent the past month, reviewing and thinking of the future of what I want to accomplish with my blog. Some will remember why I started writing my personal blog. The reason was a simple request by some of my employees at Intel that wanted me to write outside of the Intel environment. I

Thursday’s Thoughts!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! We are entering the holiday zone. For the past two holiday seasons, I have worked as a seasonal employee for Dick’s Sporting Goods. Seasonal work can be fun and not. The fun part for me was getting out and conversing with customers and associates! I worked in the golf department, a hobby

Huddle Up!

I was watching the last episode of @Mike&Mike on ESPN. Been a listener and watcher of the show for over 10 years. Again, Mike and Mike – thanks for making my morning drive, my mornings in retirement – filled with laughs and enjoyment! They had a guest on, that I had not really heard before,

9 Actions For Leaders Building Trust

Trust maybe the most important factor in successful relationships. As a leader, you have to have success relationships with your team! Without trust, you can’t have engaged relationships and without engaged relationships you won’t be a successful leader. Building trust is hard than losing trust! I have my 9 favorite actions I watch for in

Thursday’s Thought – NFL

Today’s Thought is centered on the National Football League… This year, more so than any other year, I have been watching less and less professional football games. I love sports! My interest in watching the NFL is almost gone. Full disclosure – I am not a Millennial! I am a Boomer! Why? Many point out