When Will We Do Something

There comes a time when we all have to wake up and face the music that something needs to be done. Yet another high school mass shooting happened again in the US! Making this the 18th mass shooting in 2018! Gun rights and the second amendment always come under fire when something happens. For transparency reasons

Angry Much

Back in late last month, I wrote my last blog post! I had made a decision that I was going to stop writing blog posts. I received a number of calls and emails expressing that they wish I would continue. Not really sure yet! I am going to write this one as I think it

Last Post!

I have spent the past month, reviewing and thinking of the future of what I want to accomplish with my blog. Some will remember why I started writing my personal blog. The reason was a simple request by some of my employees at Intel that wanted me to write outside of the Intel environment. I

Thursday’s Thoughts!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! We are entering the holiday zone. For the past two holiday seasons, I have worked as a seasonal employee for Dick’s Sporting Goods. Seasonal work can be fun and not. The fun part for me was getting out and conversing with customers and associates! I worked in the golf department, a hobby

Huddle Up!

I was watching the last episode of @Mike&Mike on ESPN. Been a listener and watcher of the show for over 10 years. Again, Mike and Mike – thanks for making my morning drive, my mornings in retirement – filled with laughs and enjoyment! They had a guest on, that I had not really heard before,