Getting Ready for Back to School

It is almost that time of year… Back to School! The sales have hit the stores. Teachers have already started to prepare. Excitement is in the air. My observations as an outsider, looking into Meet the Teacher. My wife is a school teacher. She teaches 4th grade at Haley Elementary in the Chandler School District. Over

Wow – Just Wow!

I was out vacation the past week or so! I was not connected. Was not able to get the real news! When you are on a cruise ship they have limited channels to watch. I always pass on watching anything on FOX News. Most of the time, they frustrate me with their commentary on anything.

My 5 Worst Boss Types

Everyone has a story to tell about their manager. Some stories are fit for TV, remember The Office.  Every time I do a training session on “New to Management,” I get asked about the worst type of bosses. I challenge you to read through the 5 worst boss types below and I bet that you